2nd Thessalonians

2nd Thessalonians Un-shuffled

1. 2nd Th. 1:1-2:15

2. 2nd Th. 3:6-15

3. 2nd Th. 2:16-3:5

4. 2nd Th. 3:16-18.

1:1-12. 1 Paul and Sylvanus and Timothy: to the assembly of Thessalonians in God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

2 Sanctifying grace and tranquilizing peace to you all from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

3 We are obliged to give thanks to God for you all always, brothers, according as it is due, because your faith is increasing exceedingly, and the self-sacrificial loving-care of each one of you all for one another is abounding, 4 so that we ourselves boast in you among the churches of God over your faith and patient endurance in all of your persecutions and afflictive pressures and distressing circumstances which you all are patiently enduring — 5 evidential proof of the just judgment of God that you all are counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for the furtherance of which you all are also suffering, 6 since indeed (it is) right and just for God to repay affliction to those afflicting you, 7 and to you — to those being afflicted — peace, rest and tranquility together with us, upon the manifest appearance of the Lord Jesus from heaven with his angels of power 8 accompanied by flaming fire, inflicting retributive justice — even vengeance — (on) those not knowing God, and (on) those not rendering submissive acceptance of the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, 9 (those) who, as such, will incur a vengeful, judicial punishment (of) fatal destruction and eternal separation from the presence of the Lord, and from the splendor of his power, 10 on that Day whenever he can come to be made a subject of glorification among his saints, and to be reverenced and adored among all those who are faithing — seeing that our witness has been given credence by you all, 11 (and) for which we are also always praying concerning you all, that our God may esteem you all deserving and worthy of the favor and privilege of this invitation, and may fully complete every desire of virtue and work of faith with might, 12 in order that the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be identified with you, and you with him, according to the grace of our God, even our Lord Jesus Christ.

2:1-15. 1 Now we are beseeching you all, brothers, concerning this coming advent of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, 2 for you all not to be readily upset from the settled state of mind (you should be presently enjoying), neither to be alarmed, disquieted, disturbed or terrified — not on account of a (false) spirit, not so much as by means of a (false) report, not even through a (false) letter like as (if it were pretending to be) by us (cf. 3:17, falsely stating) that the (above mentioned) impending Day of Christ has come with the present result that it is now here (cf. 1:6-10; 1st Th. 4:13-5:6; Mt. 24:29-31). 3 No one should by no means (be able to) thoroughly beguile and deceive you all; for (the Day of Christ can’t happen) until the rebellious (mass) defection of apostate, mental-assent believers can come first, and (only then) the lawless man of (religious) offense/error can be revealed/manifested — that perfidious son of ruin/destruction — 4 that hostile (one) haughtily opposing and arrogantly exalting himself over against all being termed or designated (as) a deity or object of religious veneration or worship, so as to sit himself down in the shrine/temple/holy place of God, setting/holding himself forth, demonstrating that he is a god (cf. Mt. 24:15; Mk. 13:14; Dan. 7:7-27; 9:27; 11:36-12:12). 5 Are you not remembering that I have already told you all these same things (when) being yet with you? 6 But now you all know what the hold-up/delay (is) in order for him to be revealed/manifested in the course of his own destined time (— the delay is the precedent-setting defection of apostate, mental-assent believers — cf. 2:3). 7 For the mysterious, hidden initiation of sinfully apostate lawlessness is already actively operating: only the hindering (of the requisite great apostasy cf. 2:3) stands in the way/impedes at the present moment until he can arise from out of the midst (of it). 8 And then at that time the lawless (one) shall be revealed/manifested — whom the Lord will consume/destroy with the breath of his mouth, and will obliterate/annihilate by the glorious display of his coming/presence — 9 the arrival of which (lawless one) is according to, or after the fashion or likeness of, an active satanic force, equipped with/accompanied by all (kinds of) miraculous power and extraordinary phenomena and portends of falsehood (cf. Mt. 24:4-5, 11, 24); 10 and (this active satanic force will be) arrayed with all (types of) fallacious deceitfulness for those being utterly destroyed, because they possessed not the love for/devotedness to the Truth, in order for them to be brought within the pale of saving privilege. 11 And on account of this God will send among them a strong delusion/seductive deception, in order for them to believe the falsehood (cf. 2nd Co. 4:4; Ro. 1:24, 26, 28; 11:7-8, 25), 12 so that all those not believing the truth, but acquiescing to take pleasure in the falsehood, can be judged.

13 But we are indebted to give thanks to God always concerning you all, brothers, having received loving-care by means of the agency of (the) Lord, seeing that God himself has originally chosen you all from the start with a view toward salvation through spiritual sanctification and true/genuine faith, 14 into which he has called you through/by means of our proclamation of the good news, in order to demonstrate an acquisition of our Lord Jesus Christ. 15 Consequently, brothers, you all constantly stand firm and hold fast, observing the precepts and doctrines handed on, which you all have been taught, whether by means of word of mouth or by our letter.

3:6-15. 3 Now we are directing you, brothers, on the score of Jesus Christ being our Lord, that you all withdraw yourselves away from every brother maintaining an undisciplined walk — even not according to the precepts and doctrines which he received from us. 7 For you yourselves know for sure how it is essential to strive to resemble us; for we were not undisciplined among you all, 8 nor did we eat bread from anyone undeservedly, but with wearisome labor and vexing toil, (we were) working night and day so as not to be burdensome to any of you — 9 not because we are not possessing prerogative, but so that we ourselves might serve as a pattern for you to strive to resemble. 10 For even when we were with you we commanded this to you all that, “If anyone is not willing to work, neither let him eat!” 11 For we are hearing of several (of your number) walking undisciplined among you all, not working, but frivolously prating about. 12 And to those alluded to, we are commanding, even imploring by our Lord Jesus Christ, that by means of working (in) quietness/silence they should eat their own bread. 13 And you, brothers, faint not (in) doing good; 14 and if anyone is not rendering submissive acceptance towards our admonishment by means of the word sent, you all note this for yourselves, and do not allow yourselves to talk socially to him, in order that he may be put to shame; 15 yet do not regard (him) as an adversary, but you all admonish (him) as a brother.

2:16-17. 16 Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and our God and Father — the One faithfully caring for us and providing everlasting joy and beneficent confidence accompanied by gracious favor — 17 encourage your hearts, and establish you all in every good word and work.

3:1-5. 1 Finally, brothers, offer prayer concerning us so that the word of the Lord may progress freely and rapidly advance, and may be prospering, even as (it has) among you, 2 and that we may be rescued and delivered from evil and wicked men; for not all believe. 3 But God is dependable, who will stabilize you all, and will observe avoidance of evil. 4 And we have been assured in (the) Lord over you; for that which we are commanding, you are both doing and will do. 5 Now may the Lord guide your hearts aright in accordance with the devoted love of God, and in accordance with the persevering endurance of Christ.

3:16-18. 16 Now may the Lord of peace by all means give to you all peace in every way — the Lord by means of all of you.

17 The salutation of Paul by my own hand, which is an identifying mark in every letter (cf. 2:2); in this way I so write. 18 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you. Amen.

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