August 11, 2019 Hank Kunneman Supreme Court Prophecy

Prophetic Word from Hank Kunneman, August 11, 2019


I have seen dark, evil, diabolical things that have gone on in this earth, this nation, and in the government, says the Spirit of God. And yet, I stand to look now. I am poised to move, and I am moving. And I am establishing my righteousness and my justice in this time. I have looked for a people who would gather themselves together and ask me to come upon this land that you call the United States. I have waited for those who would say, "God, give this land another chance." But yet, there are those upon this land who carried the same attitude and spirit of Jonah who gave a word of judgement. Yet there was a people in Nineveh who said, "Yes," to me and to my ways, and thus, I gave them another chance. This is my saying upon this land now. Yet, there are those who have not shifted their attitude, their outlook, their perspective, or their prophecies to declare that my hand is coming now upon this land to reveal my goodness, my righteousness, my justice. Therefore, because I have found those who have said, "Yes" to me, I am coming now, and I am about to cross something off of my agenda, and it has to do with your Supreme Court. I desire to bring to your court, not a stacking of judges, but a removal of your judges. I desire to bring two to your court that you call "supreme." Two that stand for righteousness and for justice. Therefore, keep your eyes upon a woman. For this will be yet a sign unto this land of a new era that is upon you, but, a new era of judges who will judge righteously after the first, says the Lord. I will give you judges. This is my promise. Yet, once more, in a little while, I will shake your court again, once and then another. It will not be what you think, and it will not be the way that you think. There is something deeper that I must bring to the light. For this is the hour -- listen carefully -- as you enter into 2020. It shall be known as, "The Thumb of God's Hand," upon this land. Some say, "The Finger of God," but look, it shall be my thumb. And I will bring to the surface -- I will expose what is in hiding -- I will reveal foul play -- I will expose those who have touched the children. And I will take my thumb -- watch the next six months of this year, it shall start surfacing -- then "POP!" It shall come to the top and it shall be greatly exposed! And there will be unusual deaths that will continue. Lies will be formulated around their deaths. But this I will show: that it is now the time for my thumb, to put my thumb upon their deeds, and to bring it to exposing. Therefore, watch! Look at my thumb, says the Lord. A "thumb drive" -- as little as it is -- shall be placed into the hands of righteousness and justice, and will be what I shall use -- one such source -- to show that things do exist, and have existed. And they underestimated their efforts to cover up. They did not know that my thumb was on the thumb drive. And God says, Not only am I driving my thumb, but I am going to drive that thumb drive right in their face. And I will expose, expose, expose! says the Spirit of God. Lift up your voice! Something is happening! Something is happening! Say, "Yes," to God!