Prayer for The Donald - Pray for President Trump

Heavenly Father, Creator of heaven and earth, may your Name be held holy, may your will be done here on earth, even as it is done in heaven, as we anticipate the future coming of your kingdom. In Jesus' Name I ask for Donald John Trump to be given profound knowledge, wisdom, discernment, perspicacity, divine guidance, divine favor and a keen awareness and fundamental understanding of the many united forces that are arrayed in opposition against him: such as those who are isolating him and limiting access to him, the Deep State, the Shadow Government, the 17 alphabet agencies, the sold-out back-stabbing establishment neocon rhino republicans, the left-wing liberal progressive communistic socialists of the democratic party, the Senior Executive Service people, Kerry, Obama, the Clintons, and others who are travelling the world in violation of the Logan act, those involved in the lucrative world-wide pedophile sex-trafficking ring, the liberal courts and justices, Silicon Valley and most celebrities, the Never Trumpers, the George Soros privately-funded snowflake libertard rioters such as the communistic Black Lives Matter and the communistic Antifaschistische Aktion (Antifa), the over 55,000 brown-shirt alinskyite trainees of the Obama Administration, the complicitly manipulative left-wing mainstream media, the three brands of New World Order globalists and their variegated cohesive organizations, those of the pervasive technocratic UN agenda, the satanic Illuminati, the occult culture, and even Islam. I pray that the endless efforts of his enemies to deligitimize his administration and stop his mandated progress will be thwarted, and that they will be hindered and stymied at every turn, and that their vitriolic hatred, and the folly of their reprobacy will be evident to all who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Give him the mouth of Jesus so that he will be able to effectively shut down the special counsel and all those who seek to trap him with words. Buffer him, I pray, against those threatening and attempting to remove him from office, and insulate him from those of the Deep State and the Shadow Government threatening to end him and cut him off, prematurely ending his presidency. I pray that in every thing he sets his hand to do he will prosper abundantly and find good success. I pray that the enemy, who is working through the White House staff who seeks to surround him and mislead him with DOJ/FBI/CIA disinformation, will not be able to isolate him from the purveyors of truth and those of us who elected him, and that he will be surrounded with loyal and trustworthy aids and appointees dedicated to the cause, and that you will expedite the process of confirming his appointed nominees. I pray that he will be able to quickly purge and remove all left-over Obama administration appointees that are still working against him in key places of the government, especially those of the Muslim Brotherhood, and that he will be effectively able to drain the swamp. I pray that he will be given strength, energy, endurance, perseverance and courage as he fearlessly battles to restore this country to those of us whom the globalists have fleeced over these last two generations. Father, it would seem by his inconsistent policy reversals that "they" (the FBI/CIA's Pegasus death squad) are beginning to get to him with death-threats, and fifteen assassination attempts against him, and two against his family members, even to the point of wanting to nuke any particular city The Donald happens to be in at any given time. I pray, therefore, that you will protect him and his extended family from rogue miltary actors, assassins, kidnappers, terrorists, the mechanics that work on his aircraft, those who publicly denigrate him, the appointed counsels and grand juries, and the many slanderers and liars who say that he is guilty of collusion with Russians and of obstruction of justice, or that he is a racist, or that he is rash and mentally unstable, or suffering from senile dementia, or even alzheimers, and suggest that he should be removed from office after the manner of the 25th amendment to the Constitution. I pray that his enemies will not be able to render articles of impeachment, and that you will continue to protect him from such people. I also know that they have been drugging his food and drink, because by evening he was slurring his speech and having difficulty holding a water-bottle, and I pray that this will stop forthwith! I pray that as we enter into the JUSTICE phase of The Donald's takedown of the Shadow Government and the Deep State, that functionality will remain intact as the 90,418 sealed indictments are unsealed, and 8,897 unsealed and 192,648 non-sealed indictments are acted upon and Justice is finally served upon all those who criminally sought to overthrow our beloved country. Finally, Father, I pray that the prosecution of the Clinton Cartel, the controlling corporate executives of the military/industrial complex, the criminal elements entrenched in the House and Senate, and all of the criminal elements in the Deep State and Shadow Government nation-wide, will be initiated and proceed, resulting in convictions for corruption, treason and sedition, and subsequent prison time or death for all those traitors in government, and even in the private sector as over 7,549 CEO's and politicians have already stepped down -- all who are, and have been acting out against the United States of America and its people, thinking that they are above the law. Bless the coded communications of Q in order that our people may be made aware, gain hope and encouragement, and remain vigilant in prayer for the deliverance of this country. Deliver The Donald out of the hands of his enemies and protect him fully as he rips America out of the hands of her many wealthy traitorous subversives -- transferring all of their ill-gotten assets back to the looted treasury of our nation. I thank you in advance, Father, for hearing my prayer, and I am praying all of these things in the wonderful and mighty Name of your Son and our Savior: Jesus Christ. So be it.


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