1:1 Paul, a commissioned messenger, sent, not from an instrumental agency of men, and not by a (mere) man, but by Jesus Christ, and God (the) Father — the One raising him up out from among (the) dead — 2 and all the brothers together with me.

To the congregations of Galatia:

3 gracious favor and tranquilizing peace to you all from God (the) Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ — 4 the One offering himself in sacrifice for the sins and offenses of our sinful natures, having come so that he himself might rescue and deliver us out of the evil state of things marking the age, according to the will, design and intent of our God and father — 5 to whom (be) glory to the extent of the ages. Amen.

6 I marvel that you all are being changed over so soon, away from the One calling you with a graciously bestowed endowment of Christ, to another different “good news” 7 which is not a viable alternative; but certain ones are unsettling you all — even intending to twist and pervert the good news of Christ. 8 Yet even if we ourselves are, or a messenger out of heaven himself is, addressing you all with “good news” teaching beyond which, or more than what, or in deviation from what, or inconsistent with what good news teaching we ourselves have (before) addressed to you all, let him be accursed. 9 According as we have just now said, even so I (myself) reiterate: if anyone is himself addressing you all with “good news” teaching beyond which, or more than what, or in deviation from what, or inconsistent with what you all have (already) received (from me), let him be accursed. 10 Now did I just aspire to the favor of men, or of God? Or am I endeavoring to seek favor with men? For if I were to yet seek favor with men, I would not even be a bond-slave of Christ.

11 Now I reveal to you all, brothers, that the good news being evangelized by me is not according to man. 12 For I received it neither from man, nor was I taught it, but (I received it) by means of a direct revelation of Jesus Christ. 13 For you all heard (of) my former deportment while in Judaism. I was exceedingly persecuting the Church of God and laying it waste. 14 I was even making progress in Judaism beyond many contemporaries of my race, being an exceedingly devoted adherent of the traditional Law of my ancestors. 15 But at the time that God acquiesced — the One setting me apart from my mother’s womb and summoning (me) by his grace 16 to reveal his Son by means of me in order that I myself might alone proclaim the good news among the Gentiles — I did not put myself in touch with flesh and blood right away, 17 neither went I up into Jerusalem to those sent as apostles ahead of me; but I went off to (Jabal al Laws) in Arabia, and (then) I returned again to Damascus.

18 Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to visit Peter, and remained on with him fifteen days. 19 But I did not see another of the apostles but for James, the brother of the Lord. 20 Now (regarding) that which I write to you all: lo! I myself, in the presence of God, am not attempting to deceive by lying! 21 After that I went as far as the regions of Syria and Cilicia. 22 And I was not being recognized by personal presence to the churches of Judaea — to those in Christ — 23 but they were only hearing that the one once persecuting us is now proclaiming the good news of faith which he was at one time ravaging. 24 And they were glorifying God in my estimation.

2:1 Then in the course of fourteen years I went up to Jerusalem again with Barnabus, and took along Titus. 2 And I went up by revelation, and I myself submitted for their consideration the doctrines of the good news which I proclaim among the Gentiles — but privately to those appearing, lest I should in any way run, or had run, in futility. 3 Yet not even Titus, the one with me, being a Greek, felt compelled to be circumcised. 4 Now (all this was) on account of the false “brothers” surreptitiously brought in — who stole in to scout out our liberty which we are taking in Christ Jesus so that they themselves might reduce us to absolute servitude — 5 to whom we yielded submissiveness not even for an hour, in order that practice in accordance with the truth of the teachings of the good news might continue unchanged for your benefit. 6 But from those presuming, seeming or appearing to be anything (of account) — of what sort they once were — makes no difference: it is nothing to me; God is not accepting, receiving or respecting a person based on external circumstance or appearance — those presenting themselves propounded nothing (new) to me as a matter for consideration. 7 Yet, to the contrary, being admitted to witness that that I had been entrusted with — the evangelization of the uncircumcised, like as Peter of the circumcised, 8 for the (Spirit) actively operating for Peter with reference to apostleship of the circumcised, also actively operated for me with reference to the Gentiles — 9 and perceiving and recognizing the grace being given to me, James and Peter and John — those appearing to be pillars — gave to me and Barnabus the right hand of partnership so as that we (were to go) to the Gentiles, and they to the Circumcision 10 — only that we should remember the poor, which, in fact, this one thing I was eager to do.

11 But when Peter came to Antioch, I openly stood out against him in opposition because he was at fault; 12 for, before some came from James, he would associate with the Gentiles; but when those (from James) arrived he would withdraw and isolate himself, scrupling himself among those of circumcision. 13 And even the rest of the Jews feigned with him so that even Barnabus was carried astray with their move to play-act. 14 But when I saw that they are not being straightforward with reference to the truth of the good news, I said to Peter in the presence of all, “If you, being Jewish, are living after the manner of Gentiles, and not in the manner of Jews, why are you compelling the Gentiles to follow the manners and customs of the Jews?” 15 We born (as) Jews, and not (as) sinners out of the heathen — 16 knowing absolutely that an individual is not receiving or realizing justification through/by means of works of the Law, but through/by means of a firm conviction and assurance of Jesus Christ — even we believed/faithed into Christ Jesus in order that we might be justified by/through an assurance/guarantee of Christ and not by works of the Law; because all humanity will not receive justification from/by/through works of the Law. 17 But if while seeking to be justified in Christ we ourselves also be found sinners, (is) Christ a servant of sin? May that never be! 18 For if I were to rebuild those things which I demolished, I show myself (to be) a violator of the Law: 19 for through the Law I died to the Law so that I might live for God. 20 I have been crucified with Christ with the present result that I am dead; I am no longer living, but Christ is living in me; and what I am presently living in flesh, I am living by faith for the Son of God — the One caring for me and delivering himself up in my stead. 21 I am not violating the grace of God; for if justification (is) through the Law, then Christ has died in vain.

3:1 O inconsiderate Galatians, in front of whose eyes Jesus Christ has been unreservedly and distinctly set forth, having been crucified: who among you deluded you all to persuade yourselves not to obey the truth? 2 This alone I want to learn from you: have you all received the Spirit through works of the Law or through (the) hearing of faith? 3 Are you all so stupid? Having begun in spirituality are you all now finishing yourselves in carnality? 4 Have you all suffered and endured so many (things) in vain — if even actually in vain? 5 Now then: the One furnishing the Spirit for you all and effecting powers among you all: (is it) by works of the Law or by (the) hearing of faith? 6 According as Abraham: “he believed God and it was credited to him alone for justification.” 7 You all know, then, that those of faith — these are sons of Abraham. 8 And the Holy Scriptures, foreseeing that God is justifying the Gentiles by/through faith, announced the joyful news beforehand to Abraham; for “all the Gentiles will be blessed because of you.” 9 Therefore, those of faith are being blessed together with Abraham for yielding belief and confidence.

10 For as many (persons) as are of works of the Law are under a curse, for it has been written and presently remains, “open to the curse are all who fail to continue firm in, abide by, and persevere in all the (things) having been written in the book of the Law, to perform and fulfill them.” 11 Now, that no one is being justified before God by the Law (is clearly) evident, because “the just one will conduct himself and live by means of faith.” 12 And the (Mosaic) Law is not by means of faith, but, “the man performing them will conduct himself and live by them.” 13 Christ has redeemed us and set us free from the curse of the Law — becoming a curse in our place and on our behalf — for it has been written with the present result that it still stands, “cursed (is) every one hanging himself upon a tree,” 14 so that the divine blessing of Abraham might come to the Gentiles on the ground of Jesus Christ, so that we might receive the promised favor and blessing of the Spirit through/by means of the (exercise) of faith.

15 I should speak in human terms, brothers: no one is changing or adding to (the) pending will or testamentary disposition of a man that has already been confirmed or ratified. 16 Now the promised favors and blessings were spoken to Abraham and to his Seed. He is not saying, “and to seeds,” as in the case of many, but as in respect to One — “and to your Seed” — who is Christ. 17 And I should say this, that manufactured Law, after four hundred and thirty years, is not depriving of authority, annulling or abrogating a covenant or testamentary disposition that has been aforetime confirmed or ratified through (the) agency of God for (the) Christ so as to render that promise null, void, powerless and ineffective. 18 For if the inheritance (is) of, by or through the Law, (it is) no longer by, through or of promise; but God has bestowed (it) to Abraham by means of promise.

19 Why then (do we still have) the (Mosaic) Law? Being ordained by means of messengers through (the) agency of a mediator, it was imposed because of transgressions until the Seed which was to come, for whom blessings and favors had been promised resulting in present fulfillment. 20 Now on one hand, the one who is the medium of communication between two parties, (as was Moses), is not representing (only) one (party); (yet) on the other hand God (as the Father, and the Seed as his Son — two parties —) is One. 21 Then is the (Mosaic) Law against the promises of God? May that never be! For if a law was given — being intrinsically able to impart life — then in truth justification would be by/through/of the Law. 22 But the scripture banded all together under sin through the agency of imputation of sin, so that the promise by/through/of (the) faith of Jesus Christ might be given to those (who) are believing/faithing.

23 But before the Faith was to come, we were being kept under the Law through the agency of the Law, having been banded together up until (the time of) the Faith (that was) about to be revealed. 24 Therefore, the (Mosaic) Law had become our pedagogue, presently guiding us into Christ, so that we might be justified by/through faith. 25 But since the coming of faith, we are no longer under (the) pedagogue.

26 For you are all sons of God through/by means of the medium of faith in Christ Jesus. 27 For all of you who were baptized into Christ have invested/clothed yourselves with Christ. 28 There is (now) no Jew nor Greek; there is no slave nor free; there is no male and female; for you are all (now) equal in Christ Jesus. 29 And since you all (are) of Christ, then you all are progeny of Abraham, and heirs according to the promise.

4:1 Now I should say that for as long a time that the heir is a minor, being a possessor of all, he is no different from a slave, 2 but he is under a guardian and trustees until a time previously appointed by the father. 3 Thus we also: when we were minors under the rudiments of the (Mosaic) system, we were being enslaved. 4 But when the full measure of the time came, God sent forth his Son — being born of a woman, being born subject to the Law — 5 so that he might buy off/redeem, rescue and set free (all) those under the Law, so that we might receive the (heir’s) adult son placing. 6 And seeing that you all are sons, God sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, “Daddy” and “Father.” 7 Consequently you are no longer a slave, but a mature son, and since a mature son, (then) also an heir and possessor of God through/by means of Christ.

8 Yet, indeed, at one time not knowing the true God, you all slavishly served those being unnatural gods. 9 But now, viewing God with favor — yea rather more properly speaking, being viewed with favor by God — how is it that you all are turning back again to the imperfect, inefficient — even sorry, beggarly rudiments which you all are again choosing to serve anew? 10 You yourselves scrupulously observe days and new moons and seasons and years. 11 I myself am fearing for you all lest I have toiled over you all in vain.

12 I myself am beseeching you all, brothers: you all become like me, seeing that even I (became) like all of you. You all wronged me not; 13 yet you all surely know that while subject to an affliction of the body I myself formerly proclaimed the good news to you all. 14 And you all did not make light of me, nor had rejected (me because of) the affliction in my flesh, but you all received me as one sent — as a messenger of God — as Jesus Christ. 15 Who was your happiness then? For I can testify for you, that if possible, gouging out your eyes, you would have donated (them) to me. 16 Have I (now) become your enemy as a result of speaking the truth to you? 17 The (deceivers) are making a wrongful show of affection and devotion towards you all, but actually they are desiring to shut you all out (from me) so that you might show affection and devotion towards them; 18 yet to be affectionately devoted to a good thing is always in good taste, and not only during my presence with you. 19 My dear children with whom I labor again until where Christ can be formed in you all: 20 yea I could wish to be present with you at this moment, and to change my tone, for I myself am doubting with respect to you all.

21 You all talk to me — those choosing to be under Law: are you all not heeding the (Mosaic) Law? 22 For it has been written with the present result that it stands, that Abraham had two sons: one of the slave girl, and one of the free. 23 But still more, the one had been born out of the slave girl according to mere humanity, but the other out of the free for the sake of the promise — 24 which is a kind of allegorizing. For these are two covenants: one in fact from Mount Sinai which is Hagar bearing into slavery; 25 for Hagar is Mount Sinai (Jabal al Laws) in Arabia, and is corresponding to the current Jerusalem, and is in slavery with her offspring. 26 But the heavenly Jerusalem is free, which is mother of us all. 27 For it has been written with the present result that it stands: “Rejoice, barren one bearing not: break forth and shout, O one travailing not; for many are the offspring of the unmarried; more than of the one possessing the husband.” 28 But we, brothers, are offspring of promise after the fashion and likeness of Isaac. 29 But just as the one being born according to humanity was then persecuting the (one born) according to spirituality, so also in this way (it is so) now. 30 Yet, what is the scripture saying? “Send away the slave girl — her son too — for the son of the slave girl can not be heir (together) with the son of the free.” 31 So, brothers, we are not offspring of a slave girl, but of the free.

5:1 Therefore, you all constantly persevere in standing firm for the liberty and freedom for which Christ freed us. And you all be not entangled again nor held fast to a yoke of thralldom. 2 Look! I, Paul, can say to you all, that if you all do receive circumcision, Christ will be of no benefit to you all; 3 and I asseverate or make solemn affirmation — even declaration again to every man receiving circumcision — that he is (then) under obligation to (perfectly) fulfill, execute, keep, observe, obey, accomplish, practice and perform the entire (613 precepts of the Mosaic) Law. 4 Whosoever of you all “being justified” with respect to the Law have been dissevered from the Christ: you all fell from, forfeited and lost the graciously vouchsafed position of grace. 5 For through an influential principle of faith we (faithers) are waiting and looking for an expectation of justification. 6 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor un-circumcision means anything, but faith operating itself through/by means of/on account of love (means everything). 7 You all were running (the race) well. Who cut in and persuaded you all not to obey the truth for yourselves? 8 That assent yielding to persuasion (is) not of the One calling you all. 9 A little leaven is leavening the whole mass (of dough). 10 I have confidence in (the) Lord with reference to you all, that you all will consider nothing else; but the one unsettling you will sustain/bear/suffer (divine) judicial visitation, whosoever he may be. 11 And I, brothers, if I still proclaim the act of circumcision, why am I yet being persecuted? Should it so result, then the offensive stigma of the cross has been rendered ineffective! 12 I wish that those unsettling you all would go and emasculate themselves!

13 Indeed, brothers, you all were called with a view toward liberating freedom, only (use) not that liberating freedom as an opportunity or occasion for the flesh, but by means of/on account of/for the sake of self-sacrificial loving-care, you all continually slave for and be subject to one another. 14 For the entire Law is being realized and fully performed through one doctrine: through the (teaching), “Thou shalt lovingly care for your neighbor as (you would) yourself.” 15 But if you all are continually vexing and injuring one another, you all watch out/take heed: you all could be ruined at the hands of one another.

16 I am saying, then, you all continually and habitually walk with/by/in spirituality, and you all will not ever carry out into full operation carnal desire. 17 For the carnal nature is always desiring in the face of the Spirit, and the Spirit in the face of the carnal nature, and these are themselves averse/opposed to one another so that/in order that whatever (illegitimacies) you all might/may be regularly inclining/intending/desiring (to do), you would not be causing these (things) to be. 18 But if with/by spirituality you all are being habitually led, you all are not under (the) Law.

19 Now the deeds of the flesh are conspicuous: whatsoever is adultery, fornication, lewd, obscene and indecent lasciviousness, outrageous and unrestrained sexual license, 20 worship of idols (like anything put ahead of God such as sports, money, power, things, self, the world, etc.), recreational drug abuse, alienating conflicts, hostile and contentious altercations, malicious jealousies, passionately angry uprisings, party-spirited dispositions, implacable and divisive dissentions, creating of factions, 21 envy motivated spites, murders, drunkenness, gluttonous feastings, and things like these; I am telling you all in advance, even as I already said before, that those habitually and continually practicing such things will not obtain God’s kingdom by inheritance (cf. 1st Co. 6:9-11).

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is a devotedly generous loving-care, a blissful inner gladness, a tranquillizing inner peace, a patiently enduring tolerance, a beneficially utilitarian kindness, a virtuous goodness, a faithful integrity, a forbearing meekness, a disciplined self-control — against things of this sort no law is existing; 24 and those of the Christ (have) crucified the flesh, together with (its) passionate emotions and irregular, violent, cupidinous desires.

25 If we are continually living with/by/in spirituality, we should also be continually acting and behaving with/by/in spirituality. 26 We should never become vainglorious, provoking one another with irritating feelings of rivalry, envying each other.

6:1 Brothers, if ever an individual should be unexpectedly overtaken by surprise in some transgression, the spiritual (ones out of) you all restore the likes with a spirit of gentleness, watching yourself, lest you also should be subject to temptation. 2 You all bear the burdens of one another, and in this way you all keep the law of Christ. 3 For if anyone is thinking (himself) to be something (while truly) being nothing, he is deceiving himself. 4 But let every one separately scrutinize/evaluate his own work, and then he will have exultation with a view to himself alone, and not with a view to the contrary, 5 for each one shall bear his own load of ineptitudes.

6 Now let the one being taught the word share with the one teaching in every good. 7 You all be not misled or deceived, God is not being snubbed; for whatever an individual might sow, this also he will reap. 8 For the one sowing in accordance with his own carnal nature will out of the carnal nature reap mortal ruin; but the one sowing in accordance with the Spirit, out of the Spirit he will reap life eternal. 9 And we should not be indolent (in) practicing good, for in a specially assigned point of time, not fainting nor flagging, we shall reap. 10 So then, as we are furnished with opportunity, we should work the good for the benefit of all, and especially towards the members of the Faith.

11 You all take note how I write large letters to you all by my hand! 12 As many as are wanting to make an impression in flesh, these are compelling you all to be circumcised only so that they may not be persecuted for the cross of Christ. 13 For not even those having been circumcised are themselves keeping the Law; but they are wanting you all to be circumcised so that they might boast in your flesh. 14 But for me to boast, may it not happen, except in the case of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by means of whom, for me, the (Mosaic) System has been crucified, and I (crucified) to the (Mosaic) System. 15 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor un-circumcision is efficacious, but a new creation (is efficacious). 16 And as many as will frame their conduct to this policy, peace and mercy be upon them, and upon the (spiritual) Israel of God.

17 Finally, let no one cause me problems, for I bear the marks of the Lord Jesus upon my body.

18 The favor of our Lord Jesus Christ (be) with your spirit, brothers. Amen.

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