The Good News of the Gospel concerning Yeshua in a Nutshell, and the King Jesus Version New Testament


Good News: The Entire Gospel of Yeshua in a Nutshell: ALL LIVING THINGS HAVE DNA. DNA tells cells what they are going to be, what they are going to do, and for how long they are going to do it. DNA is information. Information didn't just happen. It can only come from intelligence. DNA betrays the existence of the intelligent Creator, God -- YEHOVAH` who made it. Again, the entirety of the creation demonstrates purpose, function, definition, interdependence, constant principles, perfect timing, reliability and repeatability. As we observe all that exists in this world, we discover that Intelligent design can only come from an intelligent Being -- even as an automobile's existence declares the existence of man, who designed and manufactured it for a specific purpose. Here in the creation we discover again the Creator, God. The sheer number of chance accidents required to explain all of the order and interdependence that we observe in nature as coming from some primordial soup or cosmic big bang requires more faith for belief than is required for belief in an intelligent, all powerful, omniscient creating God. Again, some say we were genetically seeded on this planet 283,000 years ago by aliens. If so, they may be more advanced than we are, but they had a beginning too. So where did they come from? God? Why not? They are humanoid in appearance betraying that the same mind formed us both. No matter how far back in time you go -- even back to the big bang -- you need to keep asking, "In a universe of cause and effect, where did that come from?" until you arrive at the first uncaused cause which caused the first effect. Without the intervention of a determinate Will setting in motion all that we see in the universe, it would have remained unborn. Will to act is where we run into the Creator, God. Regardless of what is believed about our beginnings, about 2,000 years ago, God began publicly dealing with his created beings once again with the birth of his Son, who was fully and equally God immersed into a full humanity, so that he could fully identify himself with us as our Savior. God created a body for himself (reflexive pronoun in the dative case of personal interest John 1:14). Therefore, the result was the God-man Yeshua Hamashiach -- Jesus Christ -- fully God and fully man. The Infinite became an infant whose flesh was formed in the belly of his virgin mother -- necessarily a virgin because the seed of man transmits the sin nature -- thus Jesus Christ had no inherited original sin of his own so that as a pure substitute he could bear ours. Thus, he had only 22 chromosomes from Mary plus a Y chromosome from God the Father. Just because his flesh was formed, that does not mean he himself as a Person was created, for he was eternally preexistent with God the Father. He was called Son of God for his salvific role. The coming of God to man entailed many public, certifiable miracles, witnessed by multitudes, which were the credentials lending veracity to the message of God to man through him, and attestation -- even authentication -- to the Messenger himself, Yeshua, as coming from God. After suffering and going to the cross and rising again, he sent out twelve apostles with the same public, certifiable miracles as credentials demonstrating that they were messengers from Jesus with all delegated authority, thus lending veracity to their message -- attesting, even authenticating, them as sent from God also. Both he and they were empirically examined by many for over three years, and found to be authentic by those who heard them and saw them and experienced their miracles -- and we must accept their New Testament written reports as true witnesses. Their certified message is called the Gospel -- Good News, and that Good News is this: God lovingly cares about humanity, wants to have a living personal relationship with each and every one of us on his terms, and wants to deliver us from ourselves and our sin and give us eternal life -- all without compromising his holiness. Therefore, he calls all to repent -- have a change of heart with corresponding conduct -- and believe the Good News concerning his Son. Sinless Jesus Christ publicly satisfied the just requirements of the justice of God for us by taking our sinful place on the cross of crucifixion, so that God, his Father, would not be compromising his essence 1) in living within us by means of the Holy Spirit, 2) by saving us, 3) by blessing us 4) and by taking us to heaven when we die. He shed his cleansing blood once for all persons, and once for all time -- past, present and future -- dying in our place in order to cleanse all who believe of all sins -- sins which were all future at that time. God raised him up from the dead to indicate that his required sacrifice -- that of the Son of God, himself, suffering on the cross for our sins, the Just for the unjust -- was acceptable and pleasing to him, satisfying the justly required demands of his infinitely violated holiness and righteousness. God is holy and cannot coexist with sin, so he dealt with it decisively. Christ died, was buried, and rose from the dead on the third day. The Jews had enough motivation to produce a body but they could not, and the resurrected Jesus appeared to his disciples for many days -- thus the empty tomb -- and also to over five hundred persons at once before his ascension -- therefore precluding any claims of disciplic delusion. Let us make this personal. God's wrath was put upon Jesus instead of you, for all of your sins, past, present and future, which at that time 2,000 years ago were all future. God looked forward in time and loved you because he knew you. It was a loving God graciously doing for you what you could not do for God or for yourself -- in the fulfillment of much Old Testament Bible prophecy -- to remedy your dilemma on how to be properly reconciled to him, and have capacity for life, joy, peace and eternal life beyond the grave, and a personal relationship with him for eternity. Fully appropriate this just, yet loving, grace provision God condescended to provide for you and so be saved by trusting in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. "For our faithful God of provision so lovingly cared for and valued the aggregate of mankind" -- that is the motivation factor -- "that he consequently yielded up his uniquely begotten Son" -- that is satisfied justice -- "so that everyone trustingly faithing into him would not be lost but can now have life everlasting" -- that is the desired result (John 3:16). Come to the God and Jesus of the Bible, rather than to those of your own making. In the past God overlooked sin, but now calls all people everywhere to repent of their sins now, and to trust in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross on our behalf to be saved. Only the righteousness of Jesus Christ -- alone acceptable to God -- is imputed to the trusting believer. Working up our own righteousness is not acceptable. The ground at the foot of the cross is level, taking into account the disparities among all men and women. All get saved the same way. Jesus said, "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life: no one comes to God the Father but by me." That is exclusivity. "Many ways to heaven" is a lie. There is no other way to get to heaven. You cannot earn righteousness and salvation. You cannot work for it. You cannot improve on it or add to it. God does all the work, and God gets all the glory. Just trust in Jesus Christ alone for your deliverance. The narrow gate and the compressed way, indicates that only a very few will properly find their way to God -- his way -- not our way. The broad easy all-inclusive way is the way most individuals will go into eternity by either negligence or choice -- man's way. Judgment is coming and all will stand without excuse before a holy and just God. Will you stand naked before God in your unforgiven sin on judgment day, or stand clothed with the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ in forgiveness? A sinner cannot be allowed to run free in eternity. Evil must be contained -- thus hell exists forever because unforgiven sin lasts forever. Eternity also lasts forever. Hell -- or the bliss of Heaven -- the choice is now yours. Do not procrastinate. Choose life. You may not have tomorrow. Death could come suddenly at any given time. Adjust to the justice of God now by trusting with faith into the Lord Jesus Christ immediately, before the justice of God adjusts to you in eternal judgment. To learn more, Go To: where I have spent 13 years preparing loving, truthful Good News in a book for you, available on Amazon -- just click on the lion image below. There is also a link at the bottom of this page. You can read it for free below and on that site -- USE YOUR BACK BUTTON IF YOU WANT TO RETURN TO THIS PAGE AFTER CLICKING ON ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE.


King Jesus Version - Essential Revelations - A Critical New Testament

Table of Contents Below

Preface to the King Jesus Version

The Majority Greek Text

A Satisfactorily Revealing Functionally Literal Translation

A Canon Revisited for True Apostolicity

The Shuffled Manuscript Theory

The Original Order of the Shuffled Works

External Secular Contemporaneous Corroborations pro and con

The Enhanced Collated Synoptic Record

Sermon on the Mount chapter 22

Olivet Discourse chapter 68

Start of Acts at chapter 81

The Enhanced Johannine Record


1st Corinthians

2nd Corinthians





1st Thessalonians

2nd Thessalonians

1st Timothy

2nd Timothy




1st Peter

1st John

A Revelation of the Revelation

Five Scriptures for Holiness

How to be Holy, Wholly Pleasing to God



King Jesus Version -- Essential Revelations -- A Critical New Testament Published by Orin LeRoy Moses III -- November 13, 2019.


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