Briefly, this book, A Superior Rendering of the Gospel embodies several timely innovations that break free from the confines of typical Christian thinking: 1.) the enhanced collation of the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke into a single, all-inclusive narrative that will spare the reader from wading through three individual works in order to get all of the facts and sayings; 2.) synoptics aside, a re-visitation of the New Testament Cannon in order to restrict this work's contents to true apostolic authority; 3.) a new, functionally literal translation, which rectifies many of the bad habits and errors exhibited by translators over the last 600 years, clarifies the intended message of the authors; 4.) a translation that is sourced in the Majority Greek Text, which is supported by the preponderance of extant witnesses -- reason being the oldest and best attested text is the one that has had enough time to leave the greatest amount of witnessing descendants resembling itself; 5.) this work embodies the results of my previous research book, Primordial Consecution - Twelve Apostolic Originals Derived from the Shuffled Manuscript Theory, (No longer available publicly. For a paperback copy from me, send $20 check or money order to: Orin Moses, 2623 Cedarhurst Ave NW, Roanoke, VA 24012) wherein the original separated autograph leaves, having been inadvertently shuffled out of order with use by the original document recipients, are restored to their original sequential order, thus correcting context; 6.) this work presents an overall, coherent, end-time scenario resulting from an exclusion of the false book of Revelation (See last article below, "A Revelation of the Revelation"). Its removal, along with the other six books scholars consider falsely attributed to apostles, greatly un-complicates eschatology through the removal of the influence of conflicting, contradictory claims. Thus, the reader of this work will experience a timely, refreshing enlightenment of the soul, a liberation from the bondage of errors and false doctrines, a rectification and/or neutralization of erroneous tenets of The Faith held by many, and a deliverance from worry, confusion and perplexity developed over much of what is encountered while reading the average New Testament.

Apart from Matthew's five groups of sayings of Jesus in Hebrew, all other original, apostolic, New Testament documents were penned down nearly two thousand years ago in a renovated street dialect called Koine Greek. This present volume is for critically thinking, discerning believers who want the apostolic writings to be understandable through a new, honest, satisfactorily revealing, functionally literal translation using the more conservative Majority Greek Text -- the choice of which will be fully explained below. This new translation is coupled together with a more limited canon, which has been revisited in order to determine the true apostolicity of the 27 documents we now have. This translation also incorporates the latest results of the recently applied Shuffled Manuscript Theory. In utilizing this theory this book effectively re-presents in English, for the first time in almost two millennia, one dozen apostolic works in their original form as they left the hands of the authors, thus bringing the reader of English ever closer to a dozen of the much coveted original apostolic autographs.

In a nutshell, the Shuffled Manuscript Theory states that the very first autographs initially became deteriorated due to frequent use: the fragile papyrus leaves came apart where the edges were glued end-to-end, and were inadvertently shuffled out of order by the original recipients when repeatedly read and stored. These were later found and gathered, and copied out of order, by the first successive generation of believers for the Church at large, and they have remained in that state to the present time, without any further effort being made to better restore them to the original order in which they left the hands of the apostles -- all due to a later inordinate sense of reverence for apostolic documents. These re-translated writings have now been un-shuffled utilizing the breaks intentionally preserved within the extant Greek manuscripts by the first transcribers, and are now presented to the public in the sequential order that they were originally written. This is sure to be a controversial volume, especially regarding the collated and enhanced rendition of the Synoptics, designed to save the reader from having to read the Gospel three times in order to get all of the pertinent facts. The end time aspects of this work are contained in chapters 68 through 71 of the Synoptic Record, chapters 4 and 5 of 1st Thessalonians, chapters 1 and 2 of 2nd Thessalonians, 1st Corinthians chapter 15, delineating the scriptural end time scenario unaffected by the book of Revelation.

This author was called to new birth in 1976. Doctrinally conservative, with a conservative view of restoring scriptural integrity, he has diligently and critically studied the New Testament for well over thirty years, working with the original Greek in the process. He scored perfect 24s in the Basden-Johnson spiritual gift analysis for the gifts of discernment, knowledge, teaching and shepherding. He has served the Church at large for thirteen years by means of a world wide web ministry doing on-line counseling, apologetics, teaching, and translating, and he has published five books. It has been said by one that God does not call the qualified -- but that he qualifies the called. It seems to be the case with this author.

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