Target Focused Repentance

Dear Mr. Orin Moses-. my name is Alma, and I have been listening to Mark Taylor's prophecy this year...thank you for sharing your website I really appreciate it. I have a question on target focused repentance, could you elaborate? Could you give a sample of wording to declare target focussed repentance? I noticed we have to repent first, then declare the unison prayer to be effective.... Thanks again for your explanation. Sincerely, Alma


Dear Alma: Thankyou for visiting the liveforforever website. It is no frills and bare bones, and since my web skills are limited due to my age, it gets right to the point -- text only. Sorry for that. Now -- Target Focused Repentance. First we need to describe repentance. Repentance is not a salvific work to merit salvation, but an adjustment. There is first the repentance necessary for salvation, and second, there is the repentance done by one who is already saved. What we are dealing with here in the Mark Taylor prophecy is the second type of repentance. In the original Greek language from which the New Testament was translated, the word for repentance is "metanoia." For unbelievers it means to change the mind from unbelief to belief. For believers, it simply means to turn around, like as if you were going in one direction, and then abruptly decide to turn back and go in the opposite direction, and then do it. In its fuller meaning, for those who are already believers, it means to have a change of mind and heart with resultant corresponding action or conduct. In other words you cease and desist when it comes to sinful behavior. You do this, not to be saved, but because you are saved. Before going further, some preliminaries are in order: It is written, "As a man thinks in his heart, so he is." A sports fanatic is what he is because that is what is in his heart. It is in his heart because that is what he loves and pursues. We should be so regarding God. Similarly, another basically worded saying of Jesus says, "you become what you look to," meaning, what you pursue is what you become. A sports fanatic is a sports fanatic because first and foremost he pursues sports. He has filled his mind with it. He eats, breathes and thinks sports all the time. We should look to God. It follows then that you become what you look to, and then further, you are the personification of your thought life. As a man thinks in his heart, so he is. Also note that the nature that you feed becomes the strongest, most dominant part of you. If you habitually pursue and feed your mind with Christian truth and goodness, you will be an honorable person of integrity who pleases the Lord. If you habitually pursue and feed on a steady diet of smut and pornography you will be a depraved, lascivious reprobate. Reprobates act out what disgust is in their hearts and are an abomination to the Lord. By the same token, moral people are decent and full of integrity and consistently live their God-honoring lives that way. You become what you look to. As you think in your mind, so you are. Then we should present ourselves a living sacrifice to God in the renewal of our mind. So, we happen upon this maxim: if what you are is right, then what you do will be right, and God will be properly glorified. It is being, as opposed to doing. In Christianity being is to be emphasized. Doing is only to be the end result of being. Being foreknown to believe, we are born again by the Spirit of God. We have repentance (e.g. the will to change) and belief (e.g. faithing as opposed to a mere mental assent) unto salvation, as he fills us with his Holy Spirit to help us navigate life so we can fulfill his promptings. It is the down-payment of God in you, the confident expectation of glory. Being continually "led by this Spirit" is to be constantly residing within the will of God. This is learned over time as we apply ourselves to the task of becoming mature Christians. Being born again from above is positional sanctification, and obedience over our lifetime to the Spirit brings about practical sanctification. As we learn from the good solid accurate exposition of the word of God by competent men of God over time, we become aware of the will of God, which is our target, and seek to do it. As opposed to a meaningless general repentance which, like a shot-gun, aims at nothing in particular, target focus is the ability to determine or know specifically what God prefers, e.g. finding out the will of God by listening to the sound preaching or reading the word of God, and then deciding to do it. For one example, target focusing is plainly this: the word of God says, "Thou shalt not covet." Therefore you understand, "God wants me to stop coveting that which is not mine." Therefore you determine, "I will stop mentally coveting." Sin is then cut short while it is yet only a thought and not an action that you will regret. If you can control your thought-life, you can control your tongue and your whole body. Target one thing to repent of at a time. Its easier to chip away at a monumental mountain than to tackle it all at once. We know that the covert mental attitude sin of coveting what somebody else has, causes the overt act of sin of attempting to acquire what belongs to that someone else by stealing it from them, or killing them and taking possession of it. Target Focused Repentance identified the sin, and dealt with it decisively. You stop the mental sinning, and it in turn prevents the overt sinning -- and the future jail time associated with it -- let alone that coveting is a form of idolatry which also is sin. I hope all this answered your question satisfactorily. Go to my website (link below) and scroll down the page to the link to my translation of the book of Romans. Chapters 6,7 and 8 deal with being constantly controlled by the Holy Spirit and not by the sinful carnal nature. Most translations miss the truth in those chapters entirely because they are so poor. A good study of the book of Romans will bring a Christian to maturity. God bless and enjoy. Orin


Thank you very much Mr. Moses for your lengthy explanation on my above question, also again thank you for creating the website...It helped me to understand and support Father God's will for America. I have started declaring the prayer in your website, and had passed it to Christian friends. I will check your other links as well. God bless, Mr. Moses! Alma


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